After years of frequent sickness during my ski racing career, I discovered that I had an allergy to dairy. Considering that dairy was a huge part of my diet it was a big change but it did not take long to see the benefits. My sinuses cleared up, I was less congested, and I went from multiple colds each race season to one or two at most. When your livelihood depends on your health and your body performing at it highest that is huge!

One of the most challenging adjustments to my diet was post exercise recovery. I have always used recovery drinks after my training and racing for their rapid replenishment and convenience but all of my favorite recovery products were dairy based. I searched for a product that fit my recovery needs that tasted good enough to drink every day and not finding one I decided to make my own, V-Recovery. 

-James Southam, Founder

2006 and 2010 US Olympic XC Skier