James Southam - Founder and 2x Olympic Cross Country Ski Racer

"V Recovery helps me bounce back fast! Finally a dairy free recovery drink that helps me bounce back from training and tastes great. So easy to digest and tastes so good. I take it after workouts and during my really long days. A great product and the stuff just works."

David Guttenplan - Professional Cyclist and Coach - www.guttenplancoaching.com

Best tasting recovery drink ever… all my friends and teammates always ask if they could buy it and I had to tell them sadly it was an R&D product (it's not anymore... ed) . There isn’t a recovery drink out there I’ve enjoyed drinking more. 

Sylvan Ellefson - Professional Cross Country Ski Racer - @sylvanellefson

"V-Recovery is truly one of the best recovery supplements you can find." It is simple in nature by helping your body find everything it needs that it had just lost. After an over-distance ski, nothing honestly makes me feel better after a workout than this recovery drink. Even a massage. Well...it's close"